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Secretary's Message

Dear Parents!

We are living in an era of falling standards in Education, Education is made a commodity and institutions are becoming market places, The entire world is worried about the quality of Education which is at stake, where schools and colleges are churning out students, who can not put on paper or communicate properly whatever they know or learn, expcept few intuitive. After studying in schools, spending time, money and energy, if this is the situation mostly, what else they can become in future?

After schooling, aspiring to become something of their own self, students enter into their launching pad, Intermediate course, laying future path of interest, choosing from the ocean of subjects varied in nature.

We at our Junior College are determined to Fill The Gap of Lack of Basics within the First Couple of weeks and make them proficient in word, Sentence and Language which is missed at school, to put on paper their creative brain with a flow, leading to an edge to face the competitive examinations, perfecting in the subject as a whole but not mugging up limited questions and answers, which generates only dull heads.

Thousands of crores of rupees are draining out every year either by the governments or private organizations and unlimited human hours and energies are being spent on education.

Our country or any nation or to-day’s global village needs, healthy, disciplined, well read, well educated, talented, creative, self confident and honest young generation.

Such generation shall be groomed by concentrating with commitment, perfecting the basics also at College missed at School and making them ready to face any competition at higher levels and also to achieve perfection in their fields of life.

We have started Junior College to contribute our energies and resources in this direction.

I request you humbly, to utilize this opportunity by admitting your children to make their goals successful and appreciate our endeavour.

With the best wishes,

Nalla Malla Reddy