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After Schooling for about 13 years i.e Nursery to 10th class in school, students enter Intermediate which is the most important and crucial phase in education, in their youthful fervour with lot of enthusiasm and ambition, select their subject of interest, for which, these two years is the gate way, opening successful entry into various courses leading to professions of their interest.

In these days of speed and competition to get a seat in the subject selected, paving the way for successful career, Intermediate Education is the most crucial phase, where one has to be taught properly by cultivating discipline and hard work by bringing out their latent capacities arousing interest and creativity by preparing them capable of presenting themselves on their own with an ease on paper in their own language, the subjects learnt throughout the year in the competitive examinations, at the end of the course.

It is rampantly observed that the present day Intermediate education has mostly become not learning the subject thoroughly but mugging up of some topics or questions and answers which are felt important for the examinations in a regimented atmosphere. The student’s creativity, initiative and subject knowledge are limited to a few question answers and the most precious, everlasting knowledge at this level, being the blue print for life time for brighter future is lost and forgotten.

This is where our NALLA MALLA REDDY JUNIOR COLLEGE decided to act upon, encourage and provide impetus bring out one’s own talents to achieve their goal with the best of marks as well with allround improvement like writing, language, subject, health habits and discipline as well.

Most of you might have observed that after passing out Intermediate after a period of 13 years up to Secondary Education and two years of Intermediate, many of the students are unable to write an application or few sentences properly and without mistakes though the marks percentage is 70 to 95%. It is the most frustrating situation.

This situation has to be thought over by one and all instead of lamenting.

Here, We in our NALLA MALLA REDDY JUNIOR COLLEGE shall pave the way for over all development of the students with self confidence and competitive spirit to achieve their goals.


Nalla Malla Reddy Junior College is situated in a pleasant and delightful surroundings of Divyanagar near Warangal highway connected by a Highway like B.T. Road.

It has a beautiful three storeied building offering individual digital classrooms and accommodation for about 900 students. Nalla Malla Reddy Junior College caters spacious campus for students in a very near future.

Nalla Malla Reddy Junior College welcomes the students with a friendly, conducive atmosphere and encourages development among them.

The Junior College will be having the following facilities -

- Fully fenced secure grounds

- Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computers, Multimedia   room, Medical room, Play grounds and Canteen are provided   separately.

- Library with rich collection of books from all over the world in three   languages English, Hindi, Telugu and Magazines & News papers.

- Spacious Digital Class rooms.

- Separate boys and girls hostels with all infrastructural facilities under    the guidance of well experienced wardens.

- Our mess furnishes with traditional home made food with all flavours    followed by different menus daily.

Secretary's Message

Dear Parents!
We are living in an era of falling standards in Education, Education is made a commodity and institutions are becoming market places,

The entire world is worried about the quality of Education which is at stake, where schools and colleges are churning out students, who can not put on paper or communicate properly whatever they know or learn, expcept few intuitive. After studying in schools, spending time, money and energy, if this is the situation mostly, what else they can become in future?

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