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About us

The college is setup amidst lush green natural surroundings with a true pearly white building. To look at, Nalla Malla Reddy Junior College is a commitment with joy. This college was established a view to provide quality education. The institution is a creation of Educational Entrepreneurs, who have been in the education field for more than a decade and a half.

The basic philosophy of the Institute is to provide quality technical education with thorough practical knowledge.

The college has all the infrastructure and labs required for the curriculum, include a huge Library with a Digital Library.

The college also has separate hostel facilities for both boys and girls, transport to all parts of the city, and a neat and clean canteen for serving refreshments for the students and staff.

The college has the entire infrastructure necessary for the curriculum and also provides extra facilities.

We feel

Education is nothing but preparing the students to be able to put on paper whatever is learnt, seen, heard, observed and thought about all around them in the world, with proper language in a communicative format, with attractive presentation moulding into the basis for scholarly persuasion in all fields of knowledge in life. Intermediate education is the launching pad to jump into the field of subject the students dream, where the Defects in the above basics have to be plugged in the first couple of week after they enter the college for their success in the competitive examinations, what ever they come across and also in future life.

Our Mission

To concentrate on the basics creating a conducive atmosphere for learning.

To design curriculum covering a wide range of learning experience stressing on writing, reading and listening skills.

To provide an opportunity for personal development in a wide range of academic, cultural, social, literary, communicative and creative activities.

To accommodate and encourage the students with different ability levels on the same platform and improve. To prepare courageous, self confident, self respecting, caring and sharing responsible citizens with good behavior and discipline.

To make socially responsible, honest and concerned citizens.

To encourage and provide opportunity to boast up leadership qualities to withstand any challenge in real life and compete regionally, nationally and globally with strong language base in regional, national and international levels.

Introduction to Junior College

Nalla Malla Reddy Junior College is situated in a pleasant and delightful surroundings of Divyanagar near Warangal highway connected by a Highway like B.T.Road.

It has a beautiful three storeied building offering individual digital classrooms and accommodation for about 900 students. Nalla Malla Reddy Junior College caters spacious campus for students in a very near future.

Nalla Malla Reddy Junior College welcomes the students with a friendly, conducive at atmosphere and encourages development among them.

The Junior College will be having the following facilities-

    * Fully fenced secure grounds
  * Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computers, Multimedia room, Medical room, Play grounds and Canteen are provided separately.
    * Library with rich collection of books from all over the world in three languages English, Hind, Telugu and Magazines & News papers.
    * Spacious Digital Class rooms.
Separate boys and girls hostels with all infrastructural facilities under the guidance of well experienced wardens.
    * Our mess furnishes with traditional home made food with all flavours followed by different menus dialy.

Junior College Organization

Normally, we try to group students in classes according to their age and ability but this depends on members admitted in each academic year.

Innovative teaching methods are used within the college.
- Class lessons      - Group work       - Individual teaching


Prospective parents are encouraged to visit the junior college on every Saturday afternoon during working days, so that they can meet the Lecturers and students and experience exciting range of activities and the close family atmosphere that makes Nalla Malla Reddy Junior College the very best college for boys and girls.

Students are accepted in Junior Inter and Senior Inter. First preference will be accorded to their discipline and behavior and shall have no pre-testing practices.

The curriculum is broad, varied, challenging, balanced and flexible and is aimed at evaluation the student’s need s and developing their full potential.

The main Board Examination for Senior Intermediate and the courses leading to this are normally provided along with introductory courses for future competitiveness.

English is the medium of instruction in teaching. For all the classes basics are stressed. Mentoring is done for each student based on their performance and checked daily in each subject. A separate evaluation cell looks after every student’s academic progress on daily basis.


Curriculum is dealt with modern teaching methods. Class teaching becomes interesting with the usage of modern aids along with individual research to learn the topics using reference books and other text books from the State Board syllabus. Thus, it helps a student to attain perfection in the topics covered in any subject. Curriculum is dealt with modern teaching methods. Class teaching becomes interesting with the usage of modern aids along with individual research to learn the topics using reference books and other text books from the State Board syllabus. Thus, it helps a student to attain perfection in the topics covered in any subject.

Class Organisation

Each class has a minimum student strength of 60 and all classes work to the individual student abilities.


Each class has a minimum student strength of 60 and all classes work to the individual student abilities.


The curriculum requires lecturers to assess their students by using the target levels found in the subjects. We recognize the importance of assessment but we are also concerned that any assessment reported to parents should not only describe a student’s academic performance but also provide an all round picture of the student’s development in all areas of the competitive world. Part of our own assessment procedure involves the student in the assessment of their self progress. Parent lecturer meeting is held regularly so that lecturers can share their observations and assessments with parents.

Results are issued at the end of each examination. We hold parent lecturer meeting after every examination where you can discuss progress with your child's teacher.

If, for any reason you wish to discuss about your ward at times other than parent lecturer meeting, please do not hesitate to make an appointment. This will ensure that either the Principal or the Lecturer concerned will be available to see you. Parent lecturer meeting enable parents familiar with curriculum, progress patterns and students attitude.


- Share and care for others.
- Stop and listen when adult is speaking.
- Raise your hand to take your turn to speak.
- Remember to say 'please' and 'thank you'.
- Show respect for each other and keep the class and school   clean and neat.
- Listen and follow instructions given, ask if they don’t    understand.
- Do not bring valuables i.e., Mobiles, MP3 players, I pods,   Electronic games, Jewelry or any play equipment.
- Hair must be well groomed with oil, tidy and off the face in   working conditions.
- Nails must be trimmed properly well.
- Any teacher has the right to insist on hair being tied back   in the interest of safety, hygiene and concentration.
- Students who have pierced ears may wear one set of gold   or silver studs, (one stud in each ear), but all other Jewelry   is unacceptable and college uniform shall be worn. The only   exception is a watch.
- Nose stud / rings, eyebrow studs / rings or any other visible   body piercing are not permitted under any circumstances.
- Students should not have any make up.
- Study hours are strictly followed before and after the    college hours.
- Visiting hours for hostel are strictly maintained/ followed.
- Only parent / guardian is allowed to meet their wards.
- Out side food in hotel is prohibited.


The college seeks full co-operation of all students and parents in maintaining high standards of dress code.

Monday to Friday Girls Boys
Pink Top Light Blue Shirt
Black Bottom Black Pant
Black Dupatta  
For Winter Sweater Black Colour Black Colour

Uniform with Nalla Malla Reddy Junior College Logo is compulsory. Students with improper uniform will not be allowed to attend the college. Boys should wear Black formal shoes with black socks.


All lecturers share a part of guidance and counseling according to the need and circumstances. It is given by lecturers, career counsellors, guidance counsellors and senior administrative staff member.

The guidance counsellors are specialised to assist students with personal difficulties that they may not wish to share with others.


Nalla Malla Reddy Junior College has rather unique digital class rooms, computer centre, multimedia room providing up-to-date education. The facilities support achievement of all learners through the digitally available material which is not possible to be shown in our real laboratories.

Secretary's Message

Dear Parents!
We are living in an era of falling standards in Education, Education is made a commodity and institutions are becoming market places,

The entire world is worried about the quality of Education which is at stake, where schools and colleges are churning out students, who can not put on paper or communicate properly whatever they know or learn, expcept few intuitive. After studying in schools, spending time, money and energy, if this is the situation mostly, what else they can become in future?

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